Hopkinsville High School Celebrates Exceptional Staff at CCPS Awards

    Hopkinsville High School (HHS) is basking in the glow of recognition after several of its esteemed staff members were honored at the recent Christian County Public Schools (CCPS) awards ceremony. The event, a testament to the dedication and impact of educators and staff, spotlighted individuals who have gone above and beyond in their commitment to education.

    Amanda Lehman, a member of the history department, was lauded with the “Rising Star” award. Known for her engaging and innovative teaching style, Amanda has significantly impacted her students by bringing history to life in the classroom. Her dynamic approach deepens students’ understanding of the past and connects historical events to present-day scenarios, enriching their learning experience.

    Lea Phelps, who plays a crucial role in the school’s Check-In office, received the “Classified of the Year” award. Lea’s meticulous attention to detail and proactive approach ensures that daily operations at HHS run smoothly. Her dedication is a cornerstone of the school’s supportive environment, helping students and staff start their day positively and efficiently.

    An enthusiastic Spanish teacher, Jeri Lynn Thomas, was honored as the “Certified of the Year.” Jeri Lynn’s classrooms are vibrant hubs of language learning, where students are immersed in Spanish through interactive and practical experiences. Her passion for the language and culture inspires her students to embrace bilingualism, significantly enhancing their educational and personal growth.

    The accolades for these individuals underscore their vital roles at Hopkinsville High School. “We are so proud of the work you do each day! Congratulations from all of us at HHS,” the school expressed in a heartfelt statement. These awards highlight individual achievements and reflect the collective spirit and high standards of the educational community at HHS, which is dedicated to fostering excellence and shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

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