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Welcome to The Hoptown Press! We are an online newspaper dedicated to telling positive stories and news surrounding Hopkinsville High School. Our goal is to highlight the achievements and accomplishments of the students, teachers, and staff at Hopkinsville High School and to provide a platform for the community to stay informed about what’s happening at the school.

Our team of dedicated journalists works hard to bring you the latest news and features, from sports updates to profiles of students and faculty. We believe that by sharing positive stories and highlighting the good things happening at Hopkinsville High School, we can help to build a stronger and more connected community.

about The Hoptown Press

In addition to our school news coverage, we also provide a platform for students to express their creativity through our arts and entertainment section, where they can share their poetry, short stories, and artwork.

We also strive to be an inclusive newspaper, reflecting the diversity of our school community, and we welcome contributions from all students and staff.

We hope you will join us in our mission to bring positive news to the Hopkinsville High School community by reading and engaging with our articles, sharing them with your friends and family, and even contributing your own stories and ideas.

Thank you for choosing The Hoptown Press as your source for news and information about Hopkinsville High School. We look forward to connecting with you!