Hoptown Class of 2023 Honors Outstanding Teachers with the Superlative Awards

    Hopkinsville High School is known for its exceptional teachers who go above and beyond to support their students. As the senior class of 2023 prepares for graduation, these teachers have played a vital role in helping students navigate the challenges of their final year of high school.

    One of the ways that Hopkinsville High School teachers have assisted the seniors is by providing guidance and support during the college application process. Many teachers have taken the time to help students research colleges, complete applications, and write essays. This extra support has been invaluable for seniors making important decisions about their future.

    In addition to college guidance, many teachers have also helped seniors develop essential life skills. For example, some teachers have organized workshops on time management and study skills, which have helped seniors balance their workload and stay organized. Others have helped seniors develop public speaking skills and improve their interview skills, which will be valuable in future job or college interviews.

    Beyond academics, Hopkinsville High School teachers have also helped seniors to foster a sense of community. They have organized events and activities that have brought seniors together, fostering a sense of camaraderie and friendship. These events have been particularly significant during the COVID-19 pandemic, when students have had to spend more time at home and less time interacting with their peers.

    In honor of the class of 2023, the seniors have voted on this year’s superlative winners for teachers, and as a press team, we are excited to share the complete list of the 22-23 Teacher Superlative Winners. These teachers have made a difference in the lives of the senior class, and they will always be grateful for their support.

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