Hopkinsville High School Academic Team Shines Bringing Home Multiple Awards

    The Hopkinsville High School Academic Team recently competed in an academic meet held at Heritage Christian Academy, where they placed well in various categories.

    The Quick Recall team, consisting of Shaniya Straight, Cole Stroh, Allie Fort, Carly Chadian, and Bailey Kington, earned a 3rd place finish.

    Individual category results were also impressive, with Cole Stroh taking 3rd place in Social Studies, Jada Ashbery placing 4th in Science, Shaniya Straight earning 2nd place in Math, Carly Chadian earning 4th place in ELA, Kristin Hale taking 3rd place in Composition, Connor Jones earning 4th place in Composition, and Hannah Wolfe placing 5th in Composition.

    The team’s coach, [Name], expressed pride in the team’s hard work and dedication, noting that the competition was tough, but the team persevered. The team’s strong performances in various subjects showcase their well-roundedness and proficiency in multiple academic areas.

    The team is now preparing for their next meet and continues to work hard to bring home more wins for Hopkinsville High School.

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