Lady Tigers win streak broken but A Future Full of Potential Led by Coach Keith Leslie and his Young Roster

    On Saturday, the Lady Tigers of Hopkinsville girls’ basketball team brought their three-game win streak to their matchup against Grayson County. Unfortunately, the Lady Cougars defeated them 66-56.

    In the first half, both teams played evenly, resulting in a 35-35 tie at the break. Kahtahvia Fleming led the Lady Tigers with 21 points, including two three-pointers. Ta’Ria Sharber was the only player for the Lady Tigers to score in the fourth quarter, and the team was outscored 15-6 in the final margin.

    Fleming finished the game with 25 points and 14 rebounds, while Sharber had a double-double with 11 and ten rebounds.

    Under Coach Keith Leslie, the Hopkinsville Lady Tigers basketball team has a promising future. With over half of the current roster of freshmen and sophomores, the team has a strong foundation of young talent to build upon. This young core of players will have the opportunity to develop and grow together under Leslie’s guidance. As they gain experience, the team will become a formidable regional force. With Leslie’s leadership and the team’s youthful energy, the Lady Tigers will undoubtedly achieve great things in the coming seasons. The talent and potential of this team are undeniable, and fans can look forward to exciting times ahead as they watch these young players mature and improve. Leslie will have the opportunity to mold them into a cohesive unit, and they will be a team to watch in the future.

    2 M2 A2 %3 M3 A3 %FT MFT AFT %PTR
    Fleming, Kahtahvia41040.0%3742.9%81361.5%2514
    Sharber, TaRia4757.1%003560.0%1110
    Payton, MaKaya1333.3%1250.0%22100.0%72
    Tullis, DeAijha1250.0%1333.3%0055.0
    Murray, Crislyn1425.0%002450.0%40
    Hurt, Amiyah1333.3%000123
    Earthman, Zynia11100.0%000022
    McGee, Ronnijha030.0%000000
    Moore, Hailee050.0%010.0%0000
    Team Total133834.2%51338.5%152560.0%5636

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