Student Poll picks CCHS Tigers over HCCA Wolfpack

    It seems that the Hoptown students have a different vision for the name of the new school that will be formed by the forthcoming merger. CCPS had declared that the new institution would be named “Hopkinsville Christian County Academy” and its mascot would be the Wolfpack. Hoptown Press wanted to inquire about the opinion of the students as to what name they thought would be suitable and unify the school and the population. The answer from the students and current teachers in the district was to name the school “Christian County High School Tigers”.

    Results of the poll taken on

    As all the people living in the area are part of Christian County, it only seems appropriate to incorporate the county name in the school’s title. Additionally, the students wanted to pay homage to the 118 years of Hopkinsville High School history in the region and adopt its mascot as the new school’s.

    Regardless of the name given to the high school, those of us at the Hoptown Press have faith in the students and are delighted to witness the impressive accomplishments that will arise from the consolidation of the two schools in the near future.

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