Lady Tigers Celebrate Senior Night with Dominant Win

    Hopkinsville High School marked a special occasion on Thursday, February 2nd as it celebrated its Girls Basketball Senior Night. The event honored four seniors, who have made a significant impact on the Hopkinsville Lady Tigers basketball team during their time at the school. The seniors being honored were Faith Dansbury, a guard known for her leadership and mentorship to her younger teammates, ZyNia Earthman, a forward known for her speed and agility, Ronnajha McGee, another forward who has brought significant size and athleticism to the team, and Destiny Berry, the senior manager who has been instrumental in keeping the team organized and motivated off the court.

    The Lady Tigers put on a remarkable performance during the night, securing a 56-7 victory over the Fort Campbell Falcons. One of the standout players of the night was freshman Makaya Payton, who shone from the three-point range. The Lady Tigers demonstrated exceptional teamwork and skill, with a shooting accuracy of 25 of 77, while holding the Falcons to a mere 2 of 15.

    Faith Dansbury, although injured this season, suited up for her final game of her high school career and received a warm welcome from the crowd. Her contributions over the years have helped bring the team to many victories and she will always be remembered as a key player in the Lady Tigers’ history.

    ZyNia Earthman’s dominance on the court has been a crucial part of the team’s success and she will be greatly missed next season. Ronnajha McGee’s presence on the court has been felt by opponents and her contributions have been a critical piece of the Lady Tigers’ puzzle. Destiny Berry’s role as the senior manager has been invaluable and her contributions will always be remembered.

    The Lady Tigers have had an excellent season and senior night was a fitting tribute to the careers of these seniors at Hopkinsville High School. The contributions of these talented athletes will be remembered for years to come, and they will always be a part of the Hopkinsville Lady Tigers’ basketball family.

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