Track and Field Results: Colonel’s Classic

    The Hopkinsville High School Track and Field team performed remarkably at the Colonel Classic on March 18th, 2023, in Henderson, Kentucky. The team competed in several events and produced exceptional results that made their supporters proud.

    One of the standout performers of the meet was Ian Rossario, who won the Men’s 300m Hurdles with a time of 47.32. Rossario demonstrated his agility, strength, and endurance to outpace his opponents and secure the top position in the event. His win was a testament to his hard work, dedication, and skill, and it earned him well-deserved recognition from his coaches, teammates, and fans.

    Another remarkable performance came from Deaijah Tullis, who won the Women’s High Jump with a jump of 4-08.00 1.42m. Tullis displayed her incredible athleticism, focus, and determination, and her impressive performance was a highlight of the meet. Tullis’s exceptional abilities earned her recognition as the third-place MVP for Women’s High Jump and Women’s Triple Jump.

    The team’s excellent results did not just come from the standout performers, as many other members also contributed to the team’s success. The Hopkinsville team demonstrated their dedication to excellence, and their hard work paid off with excellent results across several events. The team’s coaches deserve credit for their guidance and support in preparing the athletes for the meet.

    Overall, the Hopkinsville Track and Field team showcased their talent and hard work at the Colonel Classic, and their outstanding performances reflected their dedication to the sport. The team’s success will inspire them to work even harder in their future competitions and continue to represent their school with pride. We wish them all the best in their future endeavors and look forward to seeing them excel in their upcoming meets.

    Men’s 100m
    10Gabe HartonH31112.97
    15Camden DennisH3914.09
    17Romeo BaileyH31014.31
    Women’s 100m
    5Tremiyah Lenori4H3715.02
    Kaylyn Burgess LynchH29DNS
    Men’s 110m Hurdles
    2Elijah Reid8H11019.35
    Men’s 200m
    5Kristin Johnson4H31125.41
    7Treston Kay2H31025.99
    12Michael CharlesH2927.67
    17Romeo BaileyH21029.99
    Women’s 200m
    4Janiyah Rhodes5H11130.72
    7Arniya Brown2H11132.26
    Men’s 300m Hurdles
    1Ian Rossario10H11147.32
    2Elijah Reid8H11047.33
    Women’s 400m
    7Amaya Burse2H2111:14.55
    8Lauren Mayers1H291:16.17
    Men’s 800m
    2DeAvery Ramey (PR)8H282:14.63
    9Tyson Cavinder (PR)H282:28.85
    12Camden DennisH292:34.50
    13Carlo JonesH292:35.57
    26Cameron EzellH293:38.09
    Women’s 800m
    2Alexis Herrera Loveto8H192:59.55
    Men’s 1600m
    15Tyson CavinderH285:53.96
    22Dmajae WilliamsH297:23.95
    Women’s 1600m
    9Alexias Herrera Loveto2H196:52.83
    Men’s 3200m
    7Kentrell Adams3H11014:21.70
    Women’s 3200m
    5Lauren Mayes4H1913:54.11
    Women’s Discus Throw
    2Alexandria Williams (PR)8F11286-0926.44m
    12TaLaijha CherryF1942-0612.95m
    Men’s Discus Throw
    4Davian Simon5F210102-0631.24m
    6Devin Coleman3F21193-0928.58m
    12Alden MarshallF21074-0922.78m
    20Dadren BruceF1948-0114.66m
    Men’s High Jump
    3Sam Kanu6F1115-08.001.73m
    Kentrell AdamsH110SCR
    Women’s High Jump
    1Deaijah Tulllis10F11111-09.003.58m
    Women Long Jump
    8Antavia Shemwell1F11111-09.003.58m
    Anniriah SettlesH111SCR
    Men’s Long Jump
    11Michael CharlesF1916-11.254.90m
    Women Shot Put
    5Alexandria Williams5F11225-04.507.73m
    11TaLaijha CherryF1916-11.255.16m
    Men’s Shot Put
    3Devin Coleman6F21133-04.0010.16m
    6Davian Simon (PR)3F21031-01.009.47m
    7Alden Marshall (PR)F21030-11.009.42m
    20Dylan SotoF1922-07.506.90m
    Women Triple Jump
    3Deaijah Tulllis6F11030-08.009.35m
    Men Triple Jump
    5Michael Charles4F1928-05.008.66m
    LaTravean SharbarH110SCR
    Treston KayH110SCR
    Relay Races
    7Men 4×100 Meter Relay Varsity251.97AH2L. Sharbar, D. Williams, K. Johnson, F. Key
    10Men 4×100 Meter Relay Varsity57.97BH2R. Bailey, W. Ennels, R. Fleming, C. Jones
    2Women 4×100 Meter Relay Varsity857.14AH1J. Rhodes, A. Hopkins, A. Settles, A. Spikes
    3Women 4×200 Meter Relay Varsity62:03.01AH1T. Lenori, K. Rowe, J. Rhodes, A. Spikes
    4Men 4×200 Meter Relay Varsity51:46.00AH2K. Johnson, K. Teal, E. Reid, T. Kay
    9Men 4×200 Meter Relay Varsity2:05.93BH2V. Hatcher, W. Ennels, C. Stewart, N. Williams
    3Men 4×400 Meter Relay Varsity63:59.25AH1S. Kanu, K. Teal, G. Harton, K. Adams
    6Men 4×400 Meter Relay Varsity4:52.74BH1R. Bailey, R. Fleming, W. Ennels, V. Hatcher
    3Women 4×400 Meter Relay Varsity64:55.18AH1A. Brown, A. Hopkins, A. Settles, K. Rowe
    4Men 4×800 Meter Relay Varsity59:34.89AH1G. Harton, I. Rossario, D. Ramey, L. Jeffers
    6Men 4×800 Meter Relay Varsity12:05.00BH1V. Hatcher, C. Ezell, N. Williams, C. Stewart
    3Women 4×800 Meter Relay Varsity612:36.31AH1A. Loveto, K. Burgess Lynch, L. Mayes, A. Spikes


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