Weber’s Fighting Tigers fight for seven innings against Graves County

    The Hopkinsville Tigers baseball team may have lost to Graves County 7 to 5, but their performance on the field was nothing short of inspiring. Coach David Weber’s Fighting Tigers never gave up, battling hard throughout the full seven innings.

    Zach Moss led the charge and had an outstanding game with three hits, including two doubles, an RBI, and scoring a run. Adding to the five runs scored by the Tigers were Lucas Kaetzel, Gavin Powell, Chase Fort, and Gavin Mitchell, who all crossed the plate.

    Despite allowing four hits and two walks, Lucas Kaetzel pitched a solid game for the Tigers, going five innings and holding Graves County to six runs. However, fielding errors proved a problem for the Tigers, with four errors committed throughout the game.

    But amidst the loss, there was a bright spot in the form of Gavin Mitchell, an 8th grader who took the mound for the first time. Mitchell showed great potential, pitching for 1.1 innings and allowing only one hit and one walk while also contributing one of the two Tiger strikeouts on the day.

    Overall, the Tigers showed great character and determination, never giving up and fighting hard until the end. With tonight’s game against McCracken County, the Tigers can build on their performance and continue to showcase their skills on the field. Despite the loss, the Hopkinsville Tigers have a lot to be proud of, and their fans have much to look forward to in the future.

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