The Tigers Fight the Lakers but fall short in the 8th inning.

    David Weber’s fighting Tigers showed incredible perseverance and resilience in Monday’s game against the Calloway County Lakers. Despite falling behind, the Tigers stayed in the game until the end, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to fighting until the final out.

    The game was an actual battle, with both teams racking up an impressive number of hits. The Tigers collected 11 hits while the Lakers had 15, resulting in a high-scoring affair that kept fans on their seats until the last inning.

    In the sixth inning, the Tigers rallied and scored an impressive five runs, with Gavin Mitchell, JJ Thompson, and Dylan Sweeney all contributing big hits. However, the Lakers responded in the seventh inning to tie the game at five and push the game into an extra inning.

    Despite the setback, the Tigers never gave up and continued to fight hard until the very end. In the eighth inning, the Lakers pulled, but the Tigers kept the pressure on until the final out was recorded.

    Although the Tigers ultimately fell short, their incredible determination and resilience should not be overlooked. They continued to battle until the end, even in the face of a formidable opponent.

    Several Tigers players had standout performances, including Sweeney, Gavin Powell, Thompson, and Chase Fort, who each collected multiple hits. Chris Medina and JJ Thompson also made big catches in the outfield to force the Lakers to leave men standard on bases. Meanwhile, pitcher Lucas Kaetzel held his own for seven innings, allowing five runs and striking out three.

    While the loss 7-9 to the Lakers was undoubtedly disappointing for the Tigers, they can hold their heads high knowing they gave it their all and never gave up. With their fighting spirit, these young Tigers are sure to achieve great things in the future.

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