Yearbook Staff tour Jostens and help create their legacy

    For most high school students, the annual yearbook is a cherished keepsake—a snapshot of memories, achievements, and friendships. However, few students ever get to see the magic behind how these books are produced. But for Hopkinsville High School’s Yearbook Class, this year was different. They received a opportunity to witness the yearbook creation process first-hand with a visit to the Jostens Commercial Printing factory.

    Located a short distance from Hopkinsville, in Clarksville TN, the Jostens facility is one of the premier printing factories responsible for creating yearbooks for schools across the world. The field trip commenced with a detailed tour of the plant, allowing students to observe each step of the production process. From the initial design phase to the final printing and binding, every stage was a lesson in teamwork, precision, and technology.

    Yearbook staff along with sponsor, Crystal Richards, review yearbooks from across the world for possible ideas in Jostens library.

    Jostens’ dedicated staff guided the curious students, answering questions and demonstrating the state-of-the-art machinery that transforms blank sheets into vibrant pages filled with memories. Watching the massive printers in action and observing the meticulous binding process provided the students with invaluable insights and a deeper appreciation for the work that goes into creating every single yearbook.

    But the trip wasn’t just about observation. The highlight of the day came when the students had the opportunity to collaborate on designing their very own yearbook cover for this year. Guided by Jostens’ design experts, the students brainstormed ideas, shared concepts, and brought their vision to life. The collaboration was an ideal mix of creativity and technology, emphasizing the importance of teamwork and collective decision-making.

    Beyond the technical know-how, the trip to Jostens was a lesson in real-world experiences. The Yearbook Class got a glimpse into potential careers in design, printing, and publishing. The trip also emphasized the importance of collective effort, an invaluable lesson for students about to step into the world beyond high school.

    As the students of Hopkinsville High School flip through their yearbooks in the years to come, they will not only be reminded of their school days but also of the day they ventured behind the scenes to craft a piece of their history.

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