Christian County Public Schools Announce Closure Due to Severe Weather

    In light of the upcoming severe weather conditions, Christian County Public Schools has prioritized the safety of its students and staff by announcing the cancellation of all in-person classes for Friday, January 12. This decision comes as a precautionary measure against the high wind warning forecasted for our area, which includes potentially hazardous conditions such as strong straight-line winds and heavy rains. Such weather conditions present significant risks, especially during the transportation of students on buses.

    To ensure that learning continues uninterrupted, Friday will be designated as a Non-Traditional Instruction Day (NTI). On this day, students are required to complete Day 1 of their NTI assignments. The school’s commitment to support its students remains steadfast, even remotely. Teachers and staff will be readily available via email, classroom apps, or texts to assist any parents or students in need of help or support.

    Furthermore, all extra-curricular activities, including practices and games scheduled for Friday, are canceled. This also extends to the district’s childcare services – there will be no childcare available, and the Inspire Early Learning Academy will also remain closed.

    Please note that the school will also be closed on Monday, January 15, in observance of the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.

    The safety and well-being of our community are of utmost importance. We urge everyone to stay safe and remain vigilant about any weather watches and warnings issued for our area. Let’s work together to ensure the safety and continued education of our students during these challenging times.

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