Powerlifting Tigers take 3rd at IronCat

    The Tiger Powerlifting Team from Hopkinsville High School had a successful outing at the IronCat Powerlifting Meet. After the grueling competition, the team was able to secure 3rd place, an excellent showing for the high schoolers competing for our Tigers Powerlifting team.

    The athletes pushed their limits and showed great sportsmanship throughout the entire competition. It was an impressive display of strength, discipline, and resilience. Coach Marc Clark was proud of the team and expressed his confidence in the program’s direction.

    The Tiger Powerlifting Team is just starting and will continue working hard to improve its results. The powerlifting meet was an excellent start to the football off-season, and the team will use the experience to prepare for future competitions.

    The team is already looking forward to their next competition and the chance to show off their hard work and dedication before the start of the football season. With more practice and preparation, the Tiger Powerlifting Team could become one of the strongest in the region. Congratulations to the team for their hard work and continued success at the IronCat Powerlifting Meet!

    Hopkinsville High School Powerlifting team results from the IronCat Powerlifting Meet:

    • J. Cannon – 2nd – 125
    • J. Long – 5th – 125
    • J. Roberts – 4th – 135
    • T. Kay – 3rd – 145
    • A. King – 2nd – 155
    • M. Childs McKee – 3rd – 155
    • Z. Bell – 4th – 155
    • S. Kanu – 3rd – 165
    • J. Bradley – 1st – 225
    • D. Soto – 5th – 250

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