English III Teacher Williams Receives Golden Apple

    Hopkinsville High School recently awarded the Golden Apple Weekly Award to Ms. Williams, a well-deserving faculty member. The award, previously held by Mrs. Banks, recognizes educators who go above and beyond for their students and the school community.

    Mrs. Banks passed on the award to Ms. Williams and praised her colleague’s commitment to HHS. “Ms. Williams is a fantastic fit here at HHS!” she exclaimed. “As a member of the PBIS Committee, she is proactively improving school safety and promoting positive behavior by focusing on prevention, not punishment.”

    Ms. Williams is also an English III teacher who works closely with the district to improve On-Demand Writing among students. She sponsors the HHS Black Student Union and has formed positive relationships and strong bonds with students. “She is very relatable,” noted Mrs. Banks, “which has allowed her to form positive relationships and strong bonds with our students; they know they can count on her to be there for them.”

    Overall, Ms. Williams’ dedication to her students and the school community has made her a valuable asset to HHS. Mrs. Banks concluded, “We are lucky to have Ms. Williams here at Hopkinsville High School.” Congratulations, Ms. Williams, on this well-deserved recognition!

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