Mr. Major Named Classified Employee of the Month for Christian County Public Schools

    Christian County Public Schools has recently named Lee Major the Classified Employee of the Month. Mr. Major, a big part of the Hopkinsville High School team, was recognized for his outstanding contributions to the school’s operations and positive impact on students and staff.

    The announcement was made on the Hoptown Facebook page, where the school expressed its appreciation for Mr. Major’s hard work and dedication. The post read, “Thank you, Mr. Major, for everything you do to help our building run smoothly. You are a positive light in our halls and an inspiration to our staff & students!”

    Mr. Major’s colleagues and friends quickly showed their support and congratulations for his achievement, acknowledging his invaluable role in the school community. As a classified employee, Mr. Major is responsible for the administrative and operational tasks that keep the school running smoothly, from managing student records to coordinating events and supporting the school’s staff and faculty.

    The role of classified employees is often overlooked, but it is critical to the success of any educational institution. These professionals work behind the scenes to ensure that the school’s operations are efficient and effective, so teachers and students can focus on teaching and learning. Mr. Major’s recognition as the Classified Employee of the Month highlights these professionals’ significant contributions to our schools.

    The impact of Mr. Major’s work is felt beyond the school’s administration and faculty. Students also benefit from his dedication and positive attitude. By creating a supportive and efficient environment, he helps foster a learning and growth culture essential for student success.

    Mr. Major’s recognition as the Classified Employee of the Month is a testament to his hard work and dedication to his role at Hopkinsville High School. His contributions help to make the school a better place for students, faculty, and staff. His commitment to excellence inspires all of us and demonstrates the critical role classified employees play in our schools.

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